In case you’ve come here looking for stuff related to my journalism work, here are a few links you might find helpful.

I’m the executive producer of Up w/ Chris Hayes.

I previously served as a senior producer and segment producer at Countdown with Keith Olbermann, where I did a handful of stories you can still find online:

  • Report revealing the claims of an Office of Faith-Based Initiatives whistleblower
  • Report revealing McCain advisor’s conflict of interest in advising McCain on the mortgage crisis while working as a Wall Street lobbyist
  • Report revealing how advisors to both McCain and Obama helped pave the way for Wall Street speculation to drive up gas prices
  • Report revealing some of the massive businesses House Republicans considered “small business

I helped launch Air America Radio as the executive producer of its cult hit morning-drive show Morning Sedition, starring Marc Maron.

I did virtually nothing at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, with only a couple of exceptions.

As a writer/producer at CNN I helped create and launch both Greenfield at Large and Anderson Cooper 360. The most important story I did for CNN was report that the passengers on Flight 93 fought back against their hijackers, apparently causing the plane to crash before it could reach its intended target, believed to have been either the White House or the Capitol Building.

As a broadcast producer at ABC News, I was in charge of quirk at the cult/critical favorite overnight program, World News Now.

Prior to that (whew, this is getting exhausting, I must be ancient) I worked at UPI (that confirms it) and as a reporter at Brooklyn Paper Publications. I also used to blog over here.

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