Launch Date…

I know, I kept saying we’d launch in early April. Okay, late March.

Fact is, we actually have been well ahead on scripts (it’s all written!) and artwork–Cecilia’s a good two months ahead. It was really just hammering out our process for converting my scripts and Cecilia’s and Paul Mounts’s artwork into the Thrillbent format that took us a while to nail down.

Now, however, it appears nailed. Issue one is in the can. Lettering’s just about done on issue 2. We’ve got a month’s worth of colored pages in the can and two months of inked pages. So we’re good to go and barring catastrophe shouldn’t have to skip any weeks. So:

May 2. That’s our launch date.

Could NOT be more excited. The first week’s installment isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming, so don’t worry about catching the first installment right away. But make sure you like us on Facebook so that you’ll see our notifications when each new weekly installment comes out. Because I promise you, once we’re a couple months into this thing, you’ll want to read every new installment the moment it comes out.

You’ll see.

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