If you’re checking out the site cuz you heard me talking with Chris and Darrell on the Comic Book Roadshow podcast, thanks for coming by. I just wanted to confirm what I said in the interview–or what I think I said. My webcomic The Endling will be launching on Thrillbent roughly the last week of March. I’m gonna say that again cuz it was so much fun: “The Endling will be launching on Thrillbent!”

The artist is an amazing woman from Italy named Cecilia Latella, whose work jumped out at me from among the many strong artists we looked at for this. Her ability to capture unique characters is really tremendous and I think everyone who reads the Endling is going to feel like Amber and Zavi and the others are all too real. Especially when you see what happens to them. You can check out some of Cecilia’s work at her own website, here:

Our partner on the artwork is a well known comic book superstar: Mr. Paul Mounts! I met Paul when JG Jones informed me he would be doing colors for the Batman story we did for DC Comics–but I certainly knew his work before then. As I told Paul when I first fanboyed all over him, I love the way he uses colors to make everything on the page (or screen) feel like it’s in your world. It’s not a dour monotone palate, it’s all the colors of the real world–only somehow more intense and without anything getting muddy or lost. Crystal clear, sharp as sunrise. Anyway, Paul expressed interest in working together again and even though most if not all of his work is for the big boys, he was so jazzed by the story of the Endling, he came on board.

Overseeing all of this team building was Mark Waid; editor, mentor, rabbi, cheerleader. The nicest thing Mark has ever said to me has been: “Fuck you.” He’s said it after reading a couple of my stories–including when he finished reading the Endling–and it’s pretty much the highest praise I could ever hope for from one of the flat-out best comic writers of our time. What he’s doing over at Thrillbent is nothing short of revolutionary, in ways folks have yet to fully appreciate. I’ll be grateful to Mark forever for his support!

Anyway, thanks for your interest…if you want us to drop you an email when The Endling starts running, just click here and we’ll let you know. Thanks!

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