The Reviews Are In…

I’m not posting these assuming people will actually care to read the reviews, so much as wanting a good place to archive them for myself. So if you’ll forgive the indulgence, here’s some of what folks have said about my first forays into comics…

“Jonathan Larsen wrote a fun Batman vs. Amazo story…featuring some snazzy J.G. Jones artwork—it’s worth checking out on Comixology or the DC Comics app.” – The Onion’s AV Club.

“What I love about this story is that it is made for fans of Batman at his core…Jonathan Larsen paints a fast-moving cat and mouse game between Amazo and Batman and shows that Batman, even when embroiled in a fight, is finding constant ways to test and train himself better.” — Ain’t It Cool News.

“…short, smart stories…” – The Buy Pile at Comic Resources.

Tom Peyer called my story with JG “excellent.” TOM PEYER!

And just so it’s not all hearts and flowers, I got pretty beat up on my second Batman story here, but had a really good, thoughtful exchange with the writer and posters.

If you write or come across any reviews of The Endling once it’s up and running, please let me know!

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